I have traveled the world in pursuit of both mountains and adventure and bring years of adventurous stories and worldly experience to my Faciliation platform. I'm an engaging presentor and empathetic Facilitator who's focus lies in a feminist based approach. I work with a variety of organizations and initiatives that support and enhance women.


With years of experience in front of an audience, Facilitation has become the natural extension to my skills as an engaging and igniting presenter. My passion lies in facilitating groups of women and girls using the lens of Feminism and a strengths-based approach. My facilitation techniques are informed by my education in the theories and practice of radical social work. I love bearing witness as the collective consciousness is raised among a group of women or girls, and the resulting self-determined action steps.  


Rock climbing was the jumping off point for my career as a professional mountain athlete. My love affair with climbing began in Newmarket, Ontario in 2000 and has since taken me to southern Patagonia, the Karakorum Range of Pakistan, the Andes, Alaska, Kyrgyzstan, and every place in between. Considered an "all-arounder" I've climbed at an elite level in many of climbing disciplines.