My two day ski season, and the Creek!

I arrived back to Vancouver on March 20 after three glorious months in Patagonia. On the flight to Vancouver from my layover in Toronto, I had a mini breakdown when I realized that I was flying back home, but didn't have a "home" to really come home to. Recall if you will, in November of last year, I packed up all my stuff and put it into a little 5 m x 5 m storage locker. So, my *stuff* has a home, me, less so.

Thankfully, wonderful friends always come through when you really need them, and my good buddy Fern texted me to say that she was going to meet me at the airport, and let me borrow a car to drive myself back up to Squamish where my stuff, and car, had been stored all winter.

After a short visit with Fern I was on my way. I'm getting pretty good at the storage-locker-life-switch-up now, and after arriving to Squamish I literally had to shed my "Patagonia" life, and pack for my "North America" life; skis, warm boots, puffy sleeping bags, fancy city clothes etc. and high tail it to Seattle where Colin was -- he had flown from Argentina directly to Seattle. Colin and I spent a couple days together in Seattle before he left for Alaska, and I on to Indian Creek, Utah with some girlfriends.

But, before fleeing once again to the desert, I had one awesome ski day with my buddies Regan and Nick. On a brilliantly sunny March day we skied the north face of Slalok, a Pemberton area mountain I had always looked at dreamily.

Funny enough, the day of our ski, our little prize turned out to be everyone's prize. The north face was completely tracked out, and there were about 15 people skiing the mountain that day. Huh, I thought no one skied this mountain?

No matter, as it was only day two of my ski season, I could barely link more than five turns without having to stop in a big wobbly legged mess. It was a hilarious, albeit beautiful, ski down to the upper Joffre Lake. Even though I did not "ride any white ponies down the powder highway", or, uh, something like that, I had a wonderful day with my buddies. I'll be back again next year to "style" Slalok.

Two days later I was on the road with my good friend Sarah bound for Indian Creek, Utah. This was my eighth trip to the Creek. There's just something about that place, it does it for me every time. We had the good fortune of hooking up with Fern, and a few other Canadians during our stay.

So, without further adieu here are a few photos from my recent adventures...

The psych builds for the day!

Our line -- the north face of Mt. Slakok.

Regan and Nick resting before ascending lookers right of the Joffre Glacier icefall.

The perfect little gap we ascended to pass through the icefall.

Nick halfway up the icefall.

Nearing the summit of Mt. Slalok.

A successful summit for our team. Regan salutes, hmmm, I don't know who?

Team shot.

It was a warm day, so, after our descent we lounged in the sun eating our snacks with our bare, white bellies showing.

And, wonder of wonders, Nick bared his chest too! It must have been hot!

Onward, to the Creek! Note the two little pansies that Colin gave me as I left Seattle headed south. How lovely.

The girls, Fern, Sarah, and me. Fern's photo.

Everywhere my buddy Sarah goes, good food follows!

Our gear tree...

Now, that's, a happy camper in the morning! Sarah's photo.

Fern, in her signature sexy top, getting her groove on! Sarah's photo.

And me, learning how to hoolahoop. I wasn't very good at it. Sarah kept repeating something about, letting my hips swing, and discovering my inner sexy woman. Huh, I didn't get it? Sarah's photo.

Fern. Sarah's photo.

Yours truly getting psyched to suffer. Sarah's photo.

Chosen method of suffering, 60 ft. of ring locks. Sarah's photo.

Still suffering. Sarah's photo.

One of Sarah's photos from our photo walk around camp, a perfect rest day activity. Sarah's photo.

Sarah getting right back on the horse after almost a 3 year absence from climbing, she leads Rock Lobster, 100 ft. 5.11 on day 2 in the Creek.

Sarah on Rock Lobster.


A party climbing on Anunaki 5.11+ at Optimator Wall.

The little dog Lola. We met at the crag, and became fast friends when I offered her my sweater when I noticed she was shivering. 

Sarah on Scarface 5.11-.

Fellow Canadian Chris Brazeau climbing some ridiculously long 5.12 crack at Scarface Wall.