Remembering Waddington...

Since climbing in the Waddington Range last summer with Jasmin and Kinley, I've been dreaming and scheming about my return to those wonderful mountains. Well, dream and scheme no more. I'm headed back this summer with a some new buddies including Washington states own badasses, Dan Aylward, Chad Kellogg, and Steph Abegg.

Recently, Chris Christie, MEC Envoy and radical photographer, who joined us to the range last year as photographer, put together a short edit of some of the video and photos he captured from the trip.

So now, for your viewing pleasure, a little diddy about climbing on, and chillin' amongst, some big mountains not far from our homes in Squamish.

Waddington Region - Sunny Knob and Dirty High's- 2 day's of adventure in 6 min. from Chris Christie on Vimeo.