The MEC Outsider Journal

Hello Blogosphere...or whatever the heck you call it out there?

It's been a while. I have been doing a bad job of keeping this thing updated with my adventures. This is not because I've had an adventure-less last two months. The evidence is on my computer's desktop.  It's hard to make out the cute little mountain-scape behind all the folder icons full of photos just waiting to be sorted, edited, and attached to their respective stories. 

So, as I wade through the photos on my desktop, let me provide some eye candy in the form of the digitally-glossy new MEC Outsider Journal. This journal perhaps, takes the place of the old faithful MEC catalogue. Though, ultimately, they hold few similarities. The new Outsider Journal is full of shinny photos and smooth stories from recent adventures by MEC Envoys and Expedition Grant recipients. 

Consider it some fuel for your own adventures. And, guess what, yours truly is featured in the journal. Here's my little diddy, Patagonia's Presence, hot off the servers. 

Nice work MEC, you've done us all proud!