It's the new, the improved, the business savvy, Sarah Leanne Hart, Sales Representative at Sasso Vertical Sales. That's right everyone, I have a job! And not just any job, I'm going to be working for a sales agency that represents Black Diamond Equip., prAna, FiveTen Footwear, Gregory Packs, and MAXIM ropes in the western provinces and territories of Canada. 

This past summer while Colin and I were fully immersed in sport climbing, and eating, my buddy Katy told me about Dale, the owner of Sasso Vertical Sales, based out of Canmore, Alberta. "Dale is looking for a female climber-type who likes clothes to become his primary prAna rep. in British Columbia", she told me. At the time, my mind was anywhere but work, so I brushed off the idea. But, as my January 2014, "the bank account will run dry" deadline approached, Dale's name came up again. Apparently, he'd still not found a suitable clothes savvy woman to represent prAna. Fate was calling!

Long storey short, our worlds collided serendipitously and by late January I'd signed a contract to become the fourth member of the Sasso team. As luck would have it, Sasso had also just purchased a building in Squamish and by the end of February will be opening it's Squamish office, where myself, and Canadian climbing icon, Scott Milton, also a member of the Sasso team, will be working.

That's right people, I'll be working with Scott Milton! For the non-climbers, this will seem like a ridiculous thing to get excited about, but for us climbers, meeting Scott, let alone working right beside him, is a lifetime achievement! Scott is one of the most influential sport climbers to come out of Canada, ever.

So first off, I figured I should introduce you to my new colleague, Scott. Here's an enlightening little interview I found...

I found this on the internet. Huh, apparently Scott has a good sense of humour!
And, better still here's one of my all time favourite bouldering movies, Rocklands. Scott is featured, along with probably the greatest boulderer the world has ever known, and my personal hero, Fred Nicole. In another turn of fate, I had the privilege of meeting Fred for the first time in Patagonia this season. Fred has been a prAna athlete for many years, and his partner Mary is in fact, a rep. for prAna in Europe! Amazing! Yes, this video is 45 mins. long, but if you need a way to pass some time, then watch the whole thing. It's very good, I promise!

At the beginning of February I travelled to Canmore to spend some time with Dale, and meet the other Sasso rep., Jeff. It was awesome to familiarize myself with the gear and clothing I'll be working with, and to get to know Jeff, and Dale and his family, better.

All told, I'm feeling more than a little chuffed with myself for landing such a sweet job. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I've got two passions in life, climbing, and CLOTHES! I love clothes, and the opportunity to represent prAna in British Columbia is a dream come true. I've been coveting prAna clothing since I started climbing.

For those of you who want to keep tabs on this new beginning in the book of Sarah's Life, or just learn more about what we do, then check out the Sasso Vertical Sales Facebook page. I've been officially titled as Chief Facebook Manager (CFM). Get ready Facebook!