If I was born 150 years ago...

This is a rather random post. But, I received a comment on my last post from Veronika -- HEY, glad you enjoy reading my blog Veronika, I'm honoured --  who said that she thinks I look quite a lot like the "real" Alice in Wonderland. Her name was Alice Liddell, and she was author, Lewis Carroll's muse for the book. How fun! 

While we're on the topic of women from many, many, many years ago to whom I hold a strong resemblance, I've also posted a picture of my great-great grandmother. My great grandmother passed this photo on to me in her will, because she always thought she looked just like me.

The "real" Alice in Wonderland, Alice Liddell, at the age of 20 in 1872.

My great-great Grandmother. I should really find out when this photo was taken.