Moms love this stuff...

Hola mis amigos,

As you know, because I've been "spraying" out it all over the place, I've got another slideshow coming up. This one, as part of the FEAT Canada event, taking place Mar. 7.

In preparation for this, Mountain Life Magazine asked if I'd do a short interview related to my presentation topic -- you know, the whole, falling into a crevasse, scaring the be-gee-bee's out of myself, and how I learned to manage my fear in the mountains after the accident.

This is NOT a photo of me. Hahaha...

I'm mainly posting this for my mom, because let's be honest, mom's love to see their kids names in lights. But, as I type this, I have a funny feeling my mom will be on the phone shortly giving me the ninth degree about, "why didn't I tell her all this stuff when the accident happened?" 

Well, mom, if there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that there are some things that are best left unsaid...for a while at least. 

Read on if you dare...HERE.