David Suzuki!


This comes to you live from Vernon, British Columbia where I sit in a conference room waiting for my next appointment to view prAna's fall 2015 apparel line -- the clothing industry works many years ahead of the rest of us!

I wanted to share with you a link to an inteview I recently did for the David Suzuki Foundation, as part of their Sustainable Howe Sound Campaign. I was stoked to participate for a couple reasons, 1) I could spout off at nausium about how I wish Squamish would stick to their guns and build industry around tourism, as they said they would. Instead our council has been barking up the wrong tree, inviting resource extraction proposals to the table, and 2) IT'S DAVID SUZUKI'S FOUNDATION!

For the American's, and international folk, the name David Suzuki will mean little, but for this Canadian girl, David Suzuki's "Nature of Things" was a huge television influence growing up. As a family we always came together to watch the Nature of Things on the CBC. I learned so much from that show. Below is one particular episode, Save My Lake, originally aired in May of this year, just to give you an idea of what it's all about.

Now that you are a little better educated about David Suzuki, and his radical influence, allow me to share my interview. You'll find it here. 

In watermelon sugar.