Girl Power: The Perfect Slideshow with Sarah Hart


I'm doing another slideshow. This time...get ready for will be in Fairbanks, Alaska! Wahoo! I'm going to Alaska, people. I ain't never been! I'll be making a brief stop in Fairbanks to pick up a partner and do a slideshow, before heading to Talkeetna and the Ruth Gorge. My Alaska partner, Mr. Seth Adams, is a Fairbanks local and he thought it would be cool to tack on a slideshow to my brief visit to Fairbanks. I like slideshows, so naturally I agreed. 

For those of you who followed the link on the slideshow poster to my blog, I thought it best to provide a little introduction to myself, and my slideshow topic below. I'm sure most of you Fairbanks locals will know Seth well already, but I also wanted to share a link to his blog, Purer and More Essential Than Yours (seriously, that is the title of his blog!), so you can get to know him a little bit better too. 

Sarah comes from the land of smog and eight lane highways: southern Ontario, and is the daughter of a dirt bike-racing father and shopping mall-loving mother. While her upbringing lacked mountain culture, it was packed full of indiscriminate passion and energy – she was raised to approach everything in life with zeal and 100% effort. Today, this is how she approaches her climbing.

Sarah learned to climb on the limestone bluffs of Lions Head, Ontario, but in 2004 realised that while southern Ontario may be the financial centre of the country, it certainly wasn’t the climbing centre. She now calls Squamish, British Columbia home, where world-class granite is a bike ride away, and she can eat sushi almost everyday.

In 2007 she went on her first alpine climbing expedition to Pakistan in the company of two of her best girlfriends. They were young, inexperienced, and barely scraped by without killing themselves. Eight years later, she’s slightly less Kamikaze in the mountains, and has spent countless hours tent bound in the company of both men and women.

The rhetoric of, “men versus women” is old news, but what about, “men versus women in the mountains”? Join Sarah as she answers some of the alpine community’s most baffling male-female questions like, “who takes longer to pack for a big expedition?”, “who makes better tent platforms?”,  “who eats more chocolate?”, and ultimately, “who’s just plain better?” Well, it’s the girls naturally. Join Sarah as she answers these and other thought-provoking questions in, “Girl Power: The Perfect Slideshow”.