For reasons I cannot explain....


I wanted to post here a short video my friend, Jamie Finlayson, made of me climbing a rad little route on the Cacodemon Boulder in Squamish. The route is called Young Blood, 5.13a and I feel particularly stoked to have climbed it because it's a classic Jim Sanford route from way back in 1991. Here's a radical image of Jim's wife, Jola Sanford, climbing it. Jola was the one of the strongest female sport and competition climbers in North America in the early 90's. How cool that they call Squamish home!

Jola Sandford climbing Young Blood, 5.13a. Photo, Rich Wheater.

I also have to share this video. Watch  with an open mind, and then understand the title of this post, "For Reasons I Cannot Explain"...



It's that Friday feeling!
Posted by The Freestylers on Friday, December 12, 2014