My first podcast, and maybe my last?

Clearly this website is “under construction” and clearly I have been neglecting my blog. I’m still figuring this whole Square Space thing out so I thought, “why not try out linking to an audio URL” as a little test run. Below is a link to an interview I recently did with Melsays Podcast host, Mel Offner. It was actually pretty fun, even though Mel isn’t a climber, she clearly did her research and asked some really thought provoking questions, some of which are quite controversial topics in our little community right now. It was cool to be given the chance to share my personal opinions on such topics, as I typically refrain from too many opinions in the public sphere. I save my opinionated rants for my friends, who kindly oblige.

Regardless, give a listen. I can say that, at least my mom was proud.