I use this gear, because I think it's the best. I wouldn't use it otherwise.


Mountain equipment co-op

I began my career out of business school with MEC working in their Vancouver-based corporate office as an Information Technology Coorindor and Junior Project Manager. For the next four years I learned about the business and the people behind it. I loved my time with MEC, and in 2012 after submitting my resignation to pursue full-time rock climbing until my money ran dry, I was offered to continue my relationship with my beloved employer as their first MEC Ambassador. I believe in MEC, their values, the gear they make, and all the great people behind it, and you should too.


petzl north america

I have an uncanny, and potentially annoying, attention to detail. My sense is, is that Petzl's operation is made up of people with the same level of annoying attention to detail. Though, the results are anything but annoying. I have so much praise for the quality gear Petzl produces. My relationship with them was created intentionally, and not by happenstance. I pursued Petzl for their support because I wanted a chance to partner with product that I would otherwise buy myself. It should be stated, I'm pretty darn lucky that they obliged my request! 


julbo canada

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scarpa north america

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